3 Reasons to try something new

250mg of Caffeine

NovaBars contain 2.5 cups of coffee worth of caffeine , 14g protein and 12g of healthy fats, to kickstart to your day by giving you the mental boost and energy you need. 

All Natural

Our recipe was carefully sourced and curated using only natural ingredients. No additives or fillers. Providing you with the vital nutrients your body and mind need.

Ethically Sourced

We take pride in what we do and work to ensure all of our sourcing is socially responsible. From the ground up, we believe in supporting the farming communities that help make NovaBars possible.

Real Reviews From Real Customers

"Ever since I ordered my first box I've been hooked on them, love them!"

"By far the best tasting energy bar I've tried! Definitely a great alternative to my morning cup of coffee."

"When I need a quick breakfast I simply pop one in my bag and I am satisfied for the next 3-4 hours."

"I usually get the jitters from other caffeinated products, but with NovaBars there's none of that!"

"I tried these bars for the first time and was extremely surprised to see how it affected me. The 250mg of caffeine was an incredible push for my day."