Variety Pack - 12 Pack

Variety Pack - 12 Pack

Variety Pack - 12 Pack

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Can't choose between all 4 flavors? Get the variety pack and worry no more!

Putting nature's ingredients to good use.

No Crashing - Enjoy a much-needed energy boost without the crash with our protein-rich banana nut flavored NovaBar.

5 Ingredient Energy Blend - With our blend, each natural energy bar has 250mg of caffeine and 15g of protein so it’s the ideal morning meal for when you're on the move.

Ethically Sourced - Made entirely from natural and organic ingredients, NovaBars contains chocolate and dried fruit produced by local farmers in South America and Southern Africa.

Sustainable Energy - Start your day off right with a sustainable energy source that's high in protein so you can get the most out of your day.